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September 26, 2008

the working class diner

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in the working class diner / the shadows were whole and consumed / a hat there, a head dipped here / a quag, that when looked upon, / seemed as incongruent as it was perfect – / there was no brooklyn point to it / the pulaski was in a gloom / but the main point was the slow crawl, when on the table, / that went under one’s skin / in the pause between a trapping of one kind / and the exemption from another. 

Excuse (to me) very much the lack of posting– had for a time been handcuffed to pieces of paper, and trawling for information was demanded of me in the most absurd of forms. I will be taking the galleries down from this site some time soon, to finally (if ever, eventually) have on a proper website just because that’s supposed to be what adults do and somehow it looks professional and you sell yourself like so. On another front, here be the unveiling of the WTC documentary arts project of which three other photographers and myself are a part of. On yet another front, should anyone be in NY, I would recommend going to see ‘In Conflict’. It’s a thought provoking, sometimes hard-to-swallow play by Temple University students, adapting the interviews by journalist (and my professor) Yvonne Latty, of Iraqi war veterans in 2006. (Showing at the Barrow St. Theater). Check out some photos I took on opening night, after meeting the awesome cast and some of the veterans who made it there, and the NYT review that was being read at 2am at the after party, off a crackberry since no one could wait until the late city edition to come out. Brilliance.



  1. Planning to put up your own site too huh? Yeah everybody seems to be saying the same thing here. Sometimes we just have to adhere to what the standards are. In conflict seems like such an interesting thing to see. I wish I was there to see it. I’d love to swing by nyc someday.. I heard it’s a pretty intriguing place to be at.

    Comment by John — September 28, 2008 @ 1:46 pm

  2. Hey long time no talk but I’m enjoying reading and seeing what stuff you’ve been up to. Keep us up to date on the WTC stuff – that opportunity is just absurdly cool. I’m blogging now too if you want to check out my stuff as well – natechute.wordpress.com. Hope we can catch up somehow sometime soon as well.

    Comment by natechute — September 28, 2008 @ 9:04 pm

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