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November 12, 2008

the mental monuments under construction

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In breaking a seemingly perpetual hiatus from using this platform, it’s curious that there is little that comes to mind when confronted by a blank page and a blinking black line that waits while much circulates in thought. Let’s just say there is a temporary struggle to place one’s thoughts in line to be able to knock them over one by one, word by word, and that an also temporary silent/lonesome greeter is staying long overdue the welcome but that’s not such a shame, and if anyone else is confused by my mire, so am I. There is a new president to be (I voted for the first time in my life, it was anti-climactic but of the monumental sort) and a place to peer out towards after I (eek) graduate… most are surprised to learn I want to leave New York in search of a job– true. This is a place for the media, writers, photographers, aspiring everything-ers, and it’s rich in inspiration and bubbling with ideas, just not the place that makes me that satisfied-unsatisfied. 

Otherwise, there is much too much to find in people to skim over surfaces and my half-arsed attempts at engaging is wont to become a fully fledged bind to a line, word, person, personality, narrative, story. Trust that I am excited and some photos of late are arrived, from Veterans Day in NY, whereupon I get cheek-kissed by a soldier and picked up by a biker, then a sailor… all along 5th Avenue, all while being regaled with tales from the Nam and recollections of Saipan in ’45– images made in the form of spoken word. More of  Veterans Day here





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