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June 20, 2009


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It’s about time to get this blog back on track… some revamping is on its way, pages out, other pages in. Things have really started to pile up and it’s all working chaotically, beautifully. A weekend down in Charlottesville, VA at the Look3 Festival of the Photograph provided for some new insights, inspiration, and of course new friends. I have to say, no place radiated a more fun loving atmosphere than did that wonderful host-town. Some photos might be able to explain it all better. Currently, working on getting an exhibition together for the end of July, which will feature some photos from the World Trade Center project I’m working on until August. All is up in the air thereafter, all TBD… some daunting prospect in a rather more exciting time. 


Serving up brunch at the party pad


before the finale; with an incredibly talented and heartwarming group of people. clockwise from top left: Brandon Thibodeaux, Brenda Bravo, Mustafah Abdulaziz, Matt Craig, Blake Gordon, Tim Hussin, Alex Welsh, Jeff Enlow, myself


downtown Charlottesville, maybe around 1am on Saturday? it’s all a little fuzzy


down by the lake


toast to a perfect day: a late awakening, driving under blue skies, a cold swim, getting groceries,cooking in the kitchen commune, good conversation and great company all the way through. 





more updates coming as more gets under way, that’s promised…. 


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