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June 29, 2009

from the archive…

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As I (very slowly) put a proper portfolio together I’m coming across all sorts of photos I’d never properly given attention to in a post, so here starts the inaugural ‘from the archive’ photos– some are random photographs, others from mini-stories, still others from things I’d picked up seemingly long ago and have been meaning to pick up again.

Back in April, a friend and classmate approached me to ask if I could photograph her and her best friends, who were also dorm/room mates at NYU. It was about the last time in probably a long time they’d all be together, as some were graduating and others stayed, and they really wanted something that they could remember their time by: a ‘family’ album of sorts. I only spent a few hours hanging out with them on a rather blazingly hot Spring afternoon, and only having just met them as I walked into the door, I was totally embraced and given a fair share of the cookie dough they were in the midst of making… I’d never had that group of friends to share something so intimate with during college, it made me actually yearn for the group I used to spend my time with back in high school, but it amazed me and made me very fully happy to see how much love there was going all round. This one goes to friendship and the bonds we vow never to lose.

03quintessentially New York: the view from room 602 at NYU’s Broome St. dorm. April, 2009.

09from left to right: Arianna, Namrita, Foram, Kaysi, and Michaela


69Namrita gets ready for the senior formal

21making of the very, very scrumptiously buttery cookie dough.



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