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July 2, 2009

from the archive: navajo in color

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I went back to some photographs I hadn’t seen in a few months, from the Navajo reservation when I was there back in December. I’d become so used to seeing my story on Navajo war veterans in black and white that I’d almost forgotten the other images of the beauty and magic that this place held… the vibrancy and strength in its colors. Why I decided to have my veterans story in b&w was because I wanted to show a consistent idea or concept throughout the images and the story itself, and felt the colors would disperse the concentration away from that for both myself, the person seeing these images, and the subject on the whole. But otherwise, I love these colors in a whole other context outside of the veterans story– the reservation is so rich with it, it’s hard not to.

_MG_0831Blue Gap, AZ– 12.09. A matriarch in this community, this elderly woman had injured herself pretty badly that week after falling off a ladder and bruising her face. She had barely enough hay to see her sheep through the winter too. It’s intriguing to see that the oldest generation continue to keep to their traditional ways of life for the most part, whilst the youngest, in their 20s, aspire to a different kind of life, one generally not involving the care of livestock. Women well into their 80s will walk several miles a day, chop their own wood, and tend to their beloved cattle or sheep– their resilience is really quite awesome.

_MG_9827Colors and shapes: a view of Canyon de Chelley near Chinle, AZ. 12.09.


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