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September 17, 2009

singers, sleepers; fortunes, trinkets

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A night out on Temple Street, Hong Kong IMG_0221wong uncle uncanny predictionIMG_0227xingqi-chinese chess
IMG_0232open air karaoke, every night of the week
IMG_0244her own idol
IMG_0254four men and their chairsIMG_0264IMG_0273tarot card readers IMG_0280every woman’s fantasy for their manIMG_0287sellers at their stalls, with everything ranging from lighters to socks to knock off Polo shirtsIMG_0296in the kitchen


September 14, 2009

WTC: From the Inside Out

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Back in March as I was working on the documentary arts project on the World Trade Center, I spent some time near the Church St. fence looking out for some while at the scene from the inside, looking out. Every time you pass by the site there are point and shoot cameras abound, foreign and American tourists and New Yorkers, too, curious to get a glimpse of what goes on at the site. In fact, I found that any insight the public gets readily excites them, and fair enough– it’s a 16-acre site completely fenced off and the only view you can get of it are through the ripped canvasses on the fences or from towers surrounding it. Few people really grasp what is going on at the World Trade Center– it is rebuilding– save that there is just a whole lot of politics and seemingly nothing else happening. Here’s a little glimpse of what Church St. looks like from inside of the site, curiosities and passersby, all day, everyday.



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