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September 14, 2009

WTC: From the Inside Out

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Back in March as I was working on the documentary arts project on the World Trade Center, I spent some time near the Church St. fence looking out for some while at the scene from the inside, looking out. Every time you pass by the site there are point and shoot cameras abound, foreign and American tourists and New Yorkers, too, curious to get a glimpse of what goes on at the site. In fact, I found that any insight the public gets readily excites them, and fair enough– it’s a 16-acre site completely fenced off and the only view you can get of it are through the ripped canvasses on the fences or from towers surrounding it. Few people really grasp what is going on at the World Trade Center– it is rebuilding– save that there is just a whole lot of politics and seemingly nothing else happening. Here’s a little glimpse of what Church St. looks like from inside of the site, curiosities and passersby, all day, everyday.




July 4, 2009

the world trade center … in panorama

WTC_pano005down near Tower 1, 29.06.09


new york in panorama

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see, feel, aim, think, shoot. finish roll, get processed. get contact sheets. look, see, think a bit. scan negatives, scan contact sheets. …a lot more labor than digital, but with so many more exciting, interesting results.

bwneg309a building in Tribeca, New York.

bwneg1309in the East Village


July 1, 2009

on site : documenting the rebuilding of the WTC

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On Site Exhibit

June 29, 2009

from the archive…

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As I (very slowly) put a proper portfolio together I’m coming across all sorts of photos I’d never properly given attention to in a post, so here starts the inaugural ‘from the archive’ photos– some are random photographs, others from mini-stories, still others from things I’d picked up seemingly long ago and have been meaning to pick up again.

Back in April, a friend and classmate approached me to ask if I could photograph her and her best friends, who were also dorm/room mates at NYU. It was about the last time in probably a long time they’d all be together, as some were graduating and others stayed, and they really wanted something that they could remember their time by: a ‘family’ album of sorts. I only spent a few hours hanging out with them on a rather blazingly hot Spring afternoon, and only having just met them as I walked into the door, I was totally embraced and given a fair share of the cookie dough they were in the midst of making… I’d never had that group of friends to share something so intimate with during college, it made me actually yearn for the group I used to spend my time with back in high school, but it amazed me and made me very fully happy to see how much love there was going all round. This one goes to friendship and the bonds we vow never to lose.

03quintessentially New York: the view from room 602 at NYU’s Broome St. dorm. April, 2009.

09from left to right: Arianna, Namrita, Foram, Kaysi, and Michaela


69Namrita gets ready for the senior formal

21making of the very, very scrumptiously buttery cookie dough.


April 23, 2009

what i see//with whom i see

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new camera, new experiments, almost a new start, old words, broken/revived/broken/revived relationships, ideas aplenty and a breath of fresh air in the season. here we are, some photos and more to come very soon… when my last paper and last class is finished, that’ll be when this thing gets its pace back, with more snippets of actual news. i’m going to do a revamp of this whole blog once i’ve got the time too. thanks for your patience. 


richard, steph, and love. 


troublemaker, and tim


element and her family on the train home to queens, 1.30am

March 10, 2009

screaming from the hills of dharamsala… screaming from the streets of new york

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I am tired, 
I am tired doing that 10th March ritual, 
screaming from the hills of Dharamsala.

I am tired, 
I am tired selling sweaters on the roadside, 
40 years of sitting, waiting in dust and spit.

I am tired, 
eating rice ‘n’ dal 
and grazing cows in the jungles of Karnataka.

I am tired, 
I am tired dragging my dhoti 
in the dirt of Manju Tila.

I am tired, 
I am tired fighting for the country 
I have never seen.

-Tenzin Tsundue, 1999


March 3, 2009

the light again

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7am – outside my dirty, foggy window on a freezing march morning. 

After some quiet, here we go again. In 10 weeks I’ll be a former college student, out of an institution and into a fracas that is unfamiliar, somehow daunting and all too real, chance that there is a job that will let me arm myself with none but a pen in one hand, a camera in the other. Where to, what now? 

-the sun just slipped it’s note below my door and i can’t hide beneath my sheets, i’ve read the words before so now i know, the time has come again for me. -n. jones

EDIT: to the Miss contending that this position of being 10 weeks shy of graduation needs no reminding… I forgot to add,  I have to say this is one of those times when the unknown is an exciting prospect despite the world seemingly going down the proverbial loo… and I would lie if I said I wanted to stay in school longer. This edit is done in the part of my time reserved for procrastination before midterms and papers due tomorrow. 

November 12, 2008

the mental monuments under construction

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In breaking a seemingly perpetual hiatus from using this platform, it’s curious that there is little that comes to mind when confronted by a blank page and a blinking black line that waits while much circulates in thought. Let’s just say there is a temporary struggle to place one’s thoughts in line to be able to knock them over one by one, word by word, and that an also temporary silent/lonesome greeter is staying long overdue the welcome but that’s not such a shame, and if anyone else is confused by my mire, so am I. There is a new president to be (I voted for the first time in my life, it was anti-climactic but of the monumental sort) and a place to peer out towards after I (eek) graduate… most are surprised to learn I want to leave New York in search of a job– true. This is a place for the media, writers, photographers, aspiring everything-ers, and it’s rich in inspiration and bubbling with ideas, just not the place that makes me that satisfied-unsatisfied. 

Otherwise, there is much too much to find in people to skim over surfaces and my half-arsed attempts at engaging is wont to become a fully fledged bind to a line, word, person, personality, narrative, story. Trust that I am excited and some photos of late are arrived, from Veterans Day in NY, whereupon I get cheek-kissed by a soldier and picked up by a biker, then a sailor… all along 5th Avenue, all while being regaled with tales from the Nam and recollections of Saipan in ’45– images made in the form of spoken word. More of  Veterans Day here




September 26, 2008

the working class diner

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in the working class diner / the shadows were whole and consumed / a hat there, a head dipped here / a quag, that when looked upon, / seemed as incongruent as it was perfect – / there was no brooklyn point to it / the pulaski was in a gloom / but the main point was the slow crawl, when on the table, / that went under one’s skin / in the pause between a trapping of one kind / and the exemption from another. 

Excuse (to me) very much the lack of posting– had for a time been handcuffed to pieces of paper, and trawling for information was demanded of me in the most absurd of forms. I will be taking the galleries down from this site some time soon, to finally (if ever, eventually) have on a proper website just because that’s supposed to be what adults do and somehow it looks professional and you sell yourself like so. On another front, here be the unveiling of the WTC documentary arts project of which three other photographers and myself are a part of. On yet another front, should anyone be in NY, I would recommend going to see ‘In Conflict’. It’s a thought provoking, sometimes hard-to-swallow play by Temple University students, adapting the interviews by journalist (and my professor) Yvonne Latty, of Iraqi war veterans in 2006. (Showing at the Barrow St. Theater). Check out some photos I took on opening night, after meeting the awesome cast and some of the veterans who made it there, and the NYT review that was being read at 2am at the after party, off a crackberry since no one could wait until the late city edition to come out. Brilliance.

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